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        The must see places of Deauville

        You are searching for things to do in Deauville ? We specifically made a selection of the activities to do during a stay in Deauville for you.

        The beach and its parasols

        The beach of Deauville is well-known thanks to a small detail which made its popularity: The famous parasols of Deauville. The parasols are made directly in Deauville, they need to be closed in an unconventional way, with a knot called: Deauvillese knot. We let you see them by yourself and take the opportunity to take a picture with them. Beautiful holidays’ memories.

        The cabins and the planches.

        The well-known planches of Deauville are classed as historical. It is a walk of over 650 meters along the sea. The planches were created in 1923 to give the ladies the opportunity to walk along the beach easily without getting their dresses dirty.

        On the other hand, the cabins stand out thanks to a wood barrier where the names of famous American actors and directors are written. It is during the American Movie Festival than the cabins were inaugurated and showed for the first time. A walk in the fresh air that will provide you a lot of energy!

        The Morny Place

        The Morny Place is in the centre of Deauville. It is the core of the city, there are a lot of shops and cafés. It is a perfect opportunity to stop by and take a collation in front of the fountain of the Morny Place and its waterjets.

        The hippodrome of Deauville

        If you heard of Deauville, then you probably heard of its horseraces. The hippodrome is a beautiful races place for horseraces connoisseurs. You will have the opportunity to see the horseraces all year long, even in winter. In fact, a fibered sand track was created in 2003 which permits the races even in winter. We thought of everything in Deauville.


        On the other side of the river Touques, you will arrive in Trouville-sur-Mer. A few hundred meters separate Deauville from Trouville-sur-Mer, yet they don’t lookalike at all. This little fishers’ village has a lot of charm. The perfect place for seafood lovers.

        The Villa Quarter in Deauville

        Nowadays, more than 300 built villas can be observed in Deauville. The eldest and famous ones are the following: La Villa Camélia, the villas Le Cercle and Suzanne, La Villa Strassburger…

        Come and discover a quarter full of villas, each one more impressive than the last, most of them built at the beginning of the century. You will find them on: Rue Pasteur, Rue de Gheest, Rue Laplace and Rue Raspail.

        Leave your luggage and get lost in the charismatic streets of Deauville… La Villa Augeval Hôtel & Spa welcomes you in the core of the city during your stay, to discover Deauville.