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        The benefits of the Augeval Spa’s massages

        Being massaged is a powerful tool against the stress of the daily modern life. We often forget to thank our body and to let it relax. At La Villa Augeval in Deauville, our practitioners are pleased to welcome you and to use their knowledges to let you live a true moment of happiness and relaxation.

        The Relaxing Massage :

        The great relaxation produced when we are massaged releases all the stress that we have accumulated inside us and will promote restful sleep and deep sleep. After a good massage, you will feel that your “tension points” unwound.

        The Villa Augeval Spa offer a front or a back massage of the body which will be appropriate for your needs.

        Plantar Reflexology

        Plantar reflexology is an alternative medicine which is more and more used.

        It consists of a massage which will treat some tensions and some pathologies through a foot massage.  Reflexology will harmonise your vital functions, relieve your pains, let your stress and your nervous tensions go, improve your blood circulation, relax your muscles, and will help you relax deeply.

        Balinese Massage

        Balinese massage will provide a deep relaxation to the organism. This massage is often advised to the persons who tend to have migraines or have articular pains as well as insomnias.

        The Balinese massage will sculpt your body through a tonic effect. It will also deeply hydrate your skin.

        The Augeval Signature Massage

        A massage created by our practitioners. It is a massage which is – at the same time – soft and deep. It will provide a true and unique moment of relaxation.

        Custom Massage

        Particular pains? Let our practitioners know, they will provide a personalised massage thanks to your requests and your needs.

        Ayurvedic Massage

        Part of the traditional Indian medicine, this massage will offer the opportunity to reach wellness and relaxation. It is harmonising and vivifying, which will permit a regain of vitality.

        Pregnant Woman Massage

        This massage is advised to pregnant women from 3 months to 8 months of pregnancy. Its objective is to ease the tensions the future-moms go through. A soft and kind massage which will offer a true moment of relaxation.

        Bamboos or hot stones massage

        During this massage, we will use heated accessories which will favour the relaxation of the body.

        Your muscles will feel an immediate relaxation thanks to the heat. The heated accessories are placed on key sensitives points of your body for an immediate relief.

        Sun of Renewal Detox Care

        A multi-care session based on a draining massage, a detoxifier based on Tuina, a targeted foot reflexology and finally a DETOX herbal infusion.

        The draining massage will boost blood circulation and drain toxins from your body.