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        Are you dreaming of relaxing by the pool in the Augeval garden?

        Spending your days thinking of nothing, hearing the laughter of children, marvelling at the smile of everyone. Absolute happiness. You’ve come to the right place, because all of this is possible at Villa Augeval. This is the opportunity for us to give you 4 good reasons to take advantage of the pool for your greatest happiness.

        A pool to enjoy life

        The swimming pool offers the opportunity for both young and old to enjoy time with friends and family. At Villa Augeval, we know how to make the most of the beautiful days, and we are sure to have wonderful memories to tell around this pool that makes everyone happy.

        A swimming pool for a guaranteed holiday

        Fun, games, laughter, and relaxation, that’s what a swimming pool offers. During a weekend, the pool will offer a real break and an out of time moment. Relaxation, escape, and fun guaranteed, without crowds. All you need is a swimsuit, a deckchair, a parasol, and a cold drink to enjoy a unique moment for your holidays.

        A swimming pool: sport and well-being

        The advantage of a swimming pool is that it offers all the benefits of water-based activities. There are many water activities and if you have children, this is an opportunity to teach them to swim quietly without stress. No waves, no currents, everyone will feel more comfortable and confident to swim and keep fit.

        A pool to keep the children busy

        The pool is the place for children to meet up with their friends, and to give you a moment of relaxation. Even though you always have an eye on them, you can read a book, be on your phone, or enjoy a quiet chat with your significant other. For small children, we have a small, shallow pool to enjoy the water.

        So, enjoy a weekend or a holiday at Villa Augeval, in a friendly atmosphere, laughing and letting go around the pool.